When considering the 15BiT “Mission”, it’s best to place one’s self inside of an 80’s commercial for Dairy Whip, or fabric softener, or the kind of chocolate bar that seems capable of inflicting Diabetes in a single bite –


You’re on a beach in the next apocalypse, sipping Sailor Jerry as the Stimpack kicks in, kinda wondering why the sky is full of tentacles and your dog can read minds. A synth wave soundtrack washes over you as you stand up and systematically pocket everything in your field of vision –


You awake in a cold sweat to your mother shaking you by the arm, despite her having died earlier that month in a plane crash you should have prevented. Your cell phone rings. It’s your agent. They loved that last take, and you’re finally heading to the big leagues!


That… made no sense –

– it was highly derivative –

– where are we?



We at 15Bit Games believes that the past is the future, and your present… is our reality.


*smiles uncertainly*


We believe in using modern technology to make titles that remind the world of what gaming used to be like. You know, before Fortnite.

We tell sweeping tales, and deeply personal dramas. We lean into game-play elements of old, while retaining that oh-so-shiny New World aesthetic. We work with green screen, before applying those assets virtually, then utilizing international talent to tie together a charming, and wholly unique, finished product.

At 15BiT, we want to remind you of the past – by looking to the future.

We make FMV Games. We have dialogue trees. You can click on virtually everything. There are hidden achievements, and multiple endings, and special guest artists, and bespoke vocal performances. Because these stories are important, and deserve to be told as uniquely as humanly possible.

That is our vision.


Just like grandma used to make.