Road To Nowhere tells the story of Cohle Bishop – a renowned introvert, and successful software developer – whose life is torn apart by scandal. 

Though innocent, he is haunted by personal demons, abandoning his “perfectly adequate” life in hope of finding himself on the open road. Despite the help of his psychologist, Cohle spirals into depression as he moves from town to town – destination nowhere.

Though hounded by painful memories, there is hope at the end of this strange, twisted journey.

Can you help him find his way? 

Road To Nowhere is an emotionally charged point-and-click adventure about betrayal, manipulation and abuse. The game is produced by 15BiT GAMES, and developed using Powerhoof’s PowerQuest framework. This solemn tale sports a unique aesthetic, and original dialogue written and performed by David J. Ross.


  •  Branching storyline with multiple endings
  • Live-action actors with a dreamy, neon-noir atmosphere.
  • The vocal talents of Rupert Booth (Contradiction), Melissa Medina (Rose & Locket), Walter Mack (Reversion) and David J. Ross.
  • An interactive music system that changes according to your play style.
  • A melancholy, synth wave soundtrack produced by Embryonic, and MisterMyr.
  • Releasing on Windows, Linux/SteamOS and MacOS


FREE to download early 2021.


NAME: Cohle Bishop
AGE: 35

Cohle has never been the hero of his own story. To a fault.

A talented writer, composer, and developer, he formed the indie development studio Two Sands with his former partner, Mike Farrugia, and later EXPLODED onto the scene with the adventure-game After The Fall – a poignant take on small town mediocrity, set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse.

Away from the public eye, Cohle is an absolute mess.

He is broken, jaded, and scarred by a relationship that made him question his own sanity. Cohle sees the world through a veil of inadequacy, doubting himself constantly in the face of betrayal. His insecurities are eating him alive, and all he can do is pass the sauce.

Having his personal life plastered over social media has only made it worse.

Can he coax himself back from the brink?

Cohle is played by David J Ross, and he honestly has no idea what he’s doing. He can be heard in the Chronicles of Galdurvale demo as the villainous Dafoe, alongside a number of bit parts in Road To Nowhere (because nobody else would do them, and he was bored). He is available for children’s parties.

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NAME: Katrina Bishop
AGE: 37

Katrina – or “Kat” to her friends – has always been the level-headed “Ying” to Cohle’s self-hating “Yang”.

If Kat were perfectly honest, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

An IT veteran with penchants for cooking and other people’s dogs, she spends most of her time working from home and trawling Etsy for craft ideas – often after several glasses of red wine.

Though she’s currently “between” relationships, her brother’s psychological health has taken precedence in recent years.

Though she would never openly admit that.

In truth, Kat loves her brother deeply, and fears she might one day lose him altogether.

Kat is voiced by Melissa Medina, and she’s probably the most famous person we know. The winner of Now Voice This 5, she has since shot into the stratosphere, we could not be more proud to ride her coattails (Pleeeeease don’t be upset).

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NAME: Mike Farrugia
AGE: 34

Mike is FAR from the perfect dev partner, but he’s not so bad.

He majored in Media and Communications at college, specializing in digital advertising, though that was mainly to help his more artsy friends with their pipe dreams, and fancy projects. It led to he and Cohle setting up a development firm in their spare time.

Two Sands was born on a warm Winter’s night in Northern California.

However, Mike wasn’t like the others. He had a Trust fund, and “made things happen”. He also had his eyes firmly clamped upon the prize, and was determined to make good on his investment. He worked hard – harder than anybody – to make that firm a success. All that mattered was his “legacy”, and damn anyone that stood in his way.

Even if that someone was his best friend, Cohle.

His greatest regret was helping Fiona Glenn Kick-start “The Harrowing” – a text adventure game she wrote about social anxiety.

He and Cohle have barely spoken since.

Mike is played by Walter Mack, star of Door Knockers and The Pilgrimage Story. Walt is a Bon Vivant and Man of Mystery. We know nothing about him and, frankly, like it that way. So let’s just make some stuff up! Walt is probably human, likes rollerskating and street magic. That’s OK, yeah? Good. Hire him.

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