We at 15Bit comprise a core crew of misanthropes. Some have joined us for projects and felt so at home, they never left. Others sleep in the proverbial freezer, waiting to be summoned, and thawed.

Dave sleeps in a bat-like enclosure, and Dean doesn’t sleep at all. The rest drift in and out, like errant cats.

And there you have it.


Lead Developer

Dean learned two things very early on:

(a) That if he put his mind to anything, he could probably do it.
(b) Winning at life is almost 60% Googling (we have analytics).

He trained in music, majoring in jazz drumming. That clearly wasn’t complicated enough. Next came music production, coding, customer service, technical support, software development and visual effects.

His CV basically hacks into the companies he’s applying for.

After trying to lure David away from his attempts at prose and screenwriting for several years, they finally found the right project in late 2019, and 15BiT Games was born. He is the Lead Developer, Project Manager and visual lead performer…

Among, like, a dozen other things.

Dean lives with his lovely wife, Marianne – an avid gamer who often cusses out in Portuguese – and two cats.

There’s a green screen studio in their garage.


Head Writer

As a child, David once went up on stage during a Lions Club performance by a particularly spirited, yet aging magician, allowing the man to place him inside a guillotine and make an artful display of dropping the blade.

He has been invincible ever since.

Though he currently writes for video games (and virtually any medium he puts his mind to), he has done many other things. Musical theatre. Supermarket night fill. Amateur alchemy. He was a corporate wolf, but hated it. He wrote a couple of novels. He sings, and plays guitar (though not terribly well).

He is a devoted partner, and father (In case either of them are reading).

Along with covering full scripting duties and the lead vocal performance on Road To Nowhere, David is also crafting story content and dialogue for Luminous Games next RPG, Chronicles of Galdurvale.

He may try stand-up comedy again one day.


PR & Social Media

Dani began performing in her youth, and she has not stopped since.

It must be exhausting.

Be it dance, acting, improv, and elevating her singing, she is a natural performer, one Hell of a show(woman) and, uh, pretty terrible dentist.

Her love for video games stems from her older brother. He introduced her to Quake, and it’s been getting steadily worse ever since. She streams. She plays. She dances…Dani was inspired to be a voice actor while playing the very first Tomb Raider – a feminine icon in modern gaming – and has been determined to work in the industry ever since.

She owns a giant, plush sloth named Steve.

Dani is obsessed with speaking her mind and striving for what she truly believes in, so… watch out?